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We're a Yorkshire-based Shopify agency with clients across the UK and United States.

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K-Tech have been managing my website for years. I trust them implicitly to know what system is best for my business, and to simplify the process for me. It feels like a colleague relationship rather than a supplier, and the quality of support, and patience is invaluable.

Andrea Hall, owner at Andrea Hall Design

On a mission to provide better e-commerce experiences for all

K-Tech was founded on the belief that e-commerce could be better. From winning customer experiences that support your new e-commerce business, to the best client support around, we're here to help you launch your next e-commerce store.

As a Shopify partner, our bread and butter is e-commerce stores built on the Shopify platform, but we're a big supporter of e-commerce in general and can work towards a custom solution for you whether that's migration from one platform to another, exploring headless e-commerce options, or even a simplified solution using a detached storefront, such as Snipcart.

We're remote-first and based in the UK, working with a community of multi-talented creative people, each with a passion for first-class e-commerce development.

Frequently asked questions

Do you outsource projects or development work?
All of our development work is carried out by our in-house development team based in the UK. We may work with some carefully selected and trusted freelance partners on certain projects depending on project needs.
Can you make a list of changes to an existing Shopify site?
Sure can! We offer a couple of options for ad-hoc work, from ongoing monthly retainers, to a block booking of time that can be used on a more as-hoc basis.
How will we communicate on our project?
We like to keep things asynchronous, meaning we use tools like Slack and Height to communicate at times when we're both free. It also helps to keep everything in one place so nothing gets lost in long email threads.
How much do you charge for XYZ?
Truthfully....it depends! It's a vague answer to a tough question, but it varies so much between each client and each project and what the requirements are. As a rough guide, however, custom-built Shopify stores tend to live in the £9-£15K region, fully customised with bespoke designs.

Our team

Meet your creative e-commerce team of Shopify developers, designers and strategists.

  • Rob Kendal

    Founder / Owner

    Rob has close to two decades in web development and e-commerce, starting in the early days of the web, building internal web apps and dedicated systems for the NHS, through to developing marketing-led websites for organisations such as North Yorkshire County Council.

    Beyond founding and running K-Tech, Rob can be found creating helpful content on Shopify, the Jamstack, and modern web development practices. He's also a published author on subjects such as Beginners Guide to React.

    You can read more about Rob on his own dedicated website

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