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Ashes With Art

Ashes With Art are a unique business who fuse traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to create stunning and unique pieces of memorial jewellery and cremation glass art.

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Custom theme development

Developed custom collection-based landing pages complete with editable Shopify meta fields.

Search optimisation improvements

Collaborated with SEO consultancy to implement technical SEO improvements across the Shopify store.

Shopify theme upgrade

Upgraded current bespoke theme to support Shopify theme v2.0 features, including improved filtering and search.

The challenge

SEO consultancy on Ashes With Art Shopify website

Ashes With Art hand craft made-to-order jewellery pieces that incorporate the ashes of loved ones to make truly memorable gifts. We supported their SEO consultancy work to improve the speed of their Shopify store across mobile devices, and developed custom landing pages to maximise conversions.

How we helped

We worked closely with the Ashes With Art team in collaboration with an SEO consultancy to make several site-wide changes and optimisations to their custom-built Shopify store. This helped to improve their website speed, especially on mobile devices, which ultimately helped to increase their search result rankings.

Along with several tweaks and changes across the site, we also developed several custom landing pages in keeping with their current theme design, to further maximise Ashes With Art’s conversions from visitors to their collection pages.

Finally, we helped to upgrade their current theme to take advantage of the latest Shopify features, and successfully launched their shiny new and improved Shopify store.

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